BLM Attacks Nevada Rancher Updates Last updated: 4/14 10:44pm

by Ben McClintock 10. April 2014 11:29
If you weren't aware of the battle raging between the BLM and a cattle rancher outside of Mesquite Nevada, here are some quick links to get you up to speed: [More]


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Utah State Senator Offers Drone Regulation Bill

by Defending Utah 5. February 2014 10:37
Utah is a land of contradictions. Early in January, Governor Gary Herbert goes to D.C. with his hat in his hand, looking for more federal "investment" in Utah. Then, earlier this week during his annual "State of the State" address, he promises he will stand up for his state's sovereignty and that he will stand up to federal overreach. [More]

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Walmart Introduces Obamacare Machine With RFID Microchip Hand Scanner Port (VIDEO)

by Defending Utah 2. January 2014 00:56
- Yes, the human microchip was in the first draft of Obamacare. - The final draft still had it, but reworded it to say "machine readable identification". - And now Walmart will deploy machines to read an embedded RFID chip in your hand. [More]

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Arthur Brooks - Controlled opposition promoted by Utah think tank?

by Defending Utah 31. December 2013 00:22
Free Trade is the globalist scheme to get around the laws of a nation and build a governmental infrastructure that exists outside of existing governments. Text of TPP agreement leaked. [More]

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Bill Gates - Selling Chemtrails through the Microsoft Partner Network

by Defending Utah 26. November 2013 00:03
Below is an image of the full Microsoft Screenshot. A very casual way to normalize the death of the planet. [More]

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TSA says they're watching you when you're not at the airport

by Defending Utah 29. October 2013 09:52
TSA is searching through government and private databases trying to locate information about you. There are so many records that the agency can access including: •Tax identification numbers; •Car registrations; •Employment information; •Past travel itineraries; •Property records; •Physical characteristics; •Law enforcement information; and •Intelligence information. [More]

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Glenn Beck exposes CFR while they infiltrate his own show

by Defending Utah 28. September 2013 16:21
Glenn Beck's "Expert" on Islam, or his "National Security Editor", spent his entire career (according to his LinkedIn profile) in two of the most anti-constitutional and anti-freedom organizations in the world before joining the Glenn Beck show. And the information he slips into TheBlaze is helping create more acceptance of our loss of liberties. Keep reading for the full story... [More]


Utah Lands Transfer Part 2 - The scam is official

by Defending Utah 26. September 2013 08:02
The Transfer of Public Lands Act of 2012, that demands the federal government give all lands in the state of Utah back to Utah. The first post mainly pointed out that the language of the bill was very heavy on Agenda 21 keywords and phrases and that potentially unelected representatives were being set up to make decisions. Well now that some more time has passed the evidence has grown stronger. [More]


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Obama Worship, Public Schools, Inner City Scouts and the Civilian Domestic Army

by Defending Utah 14. August 2013 08:41
School children taught to praise Obama [More]

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Is David Horowitz's Freedom Center just fraudulent freedom?

by Defending Utah 14. May 2013 06:14
There are so many wolves in sheeps clothing these days. Is David Horowitz just another one? [More]

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